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Name: Kate

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Character Type: Main 

Tamer Class: Soul Tamer 

Digimon Partner: Tunomon  →  Gabumon  →  Garurumon  →  Were Garurumon  →  Metal Garurumon  →  [Jogress with War Greymon] Omegamon

DComm & Digivice: DComm Digivice

Imported from Another RP?: No.  

Character Appearance: 

Character Age:
23; Born September 30th 1988

Character History:

Pre-Adventure -

Digimon Adventure [Movie] -

01. Stranded? The Island of Adventure! -
The summer of 1999 brought a series of strange events surging around the planet. Rice fields in Southeast Asia dried out, rain fell so heavily in the Middle East that it flooded, and America experienced severe winter temperatures. But this did not stop seven Japanese children from going off to summer camp, mostly unaware of what was happening in the world around them. While at camp, Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Koushirou, Mimi, Jyou and Takeru were all away from the main camp when a freak blizzard started. Hiding in a small temple until the snow had finished falling, they were all amazed by the summer snow fall and went out to look at it, discovering an aurora as well. The children wonder how they could be seeing an aurora in Japan, and Yamato suggests they head back towards the camp so that they don't get sick. It is right after that seven objects fall out of the sky, landing around the children's feet. They each take one of the strange devices and are promptly swallowed up by a tidal wave.

Yamato is woken up by a strange animal like creature that already seems to know who he is. Tsunomon as he calls himself shyly explains that Yamato has been brought to File Island in the Digital World, and that he is a Digital Monster. His younger brother Takeru had been brought to the Digital World as well and has a Digimon of his own, Tokomon. They quickly decide to try to find the other children, in case they were brought to the Digital World as well. After a little searching they find Taichi, Koushirou and Sora in a clearing with their new partner Digimon. The two brothers are quickly followed by Jyou who is being chased by his own partner, Pukamon. The group of Digimon introduce themselves, followed by Taichi introducing the other kids, and realizing they're missing Mimi.

The group starts looking for her and find Mimi and Tanemon being chased by the Kuwagamon that had attacked Taichi, Koromon, Koushirou and Mochimon previously. The children continue to run until Taichi tries to take a stand. Sora tells him its a dumb idea to face the angry Digimon by himself, and Yamato agrees, stating that they have no weapons or way to protect themselves. So they continue to run until they end up cornered on a cliff. The Digimon all do their parts to protect the children, getting injured in the process, and only manage to dispatch the Kuwagamon for a short while. The more powerful Digimon gets back up and the children's partners all say that they have to fight to protect them. Because of the children's concern for their new partner's all of the Digimon digivolve into their child forms. Tsunomon digivolves into Gabumon and uses his Petit Fire attack against Kuwagamon with the other Digimon. Between the seven Digimon, they are seemingly able to defeat Kuwagamon and rejoice. However Kuwagamon had one more attack in it and causes the cliff ledge the children are on to break away and throw them into the river below.

02. Explosive Evolution! Greymon - Jyou's partner Digimon (now Gomamon), uses his Marching Fishes to save the children. And they watch as Kuwagamon falls into the river as well. After a rocky ride downstream, they wash up on shore and are introduced to their digivolved partner's new forms and names. The Digimon also explain that they were all unable to digivolve before the children came to the Digital World. Yamato gets them all back on track as to their current situation by asking what they are going to do now. Jyou suggests going back to where they appeared. But the river had carried them a decent ways away. There wasn't much chance of making it back up the cliff face they fell from either.

Jyou suggests they look for a road, while Yamato argues that they should first worry about where they are. None of the surrounding flora looks anything like it did at the camp. At the same time, even if they can find a road, going off into the unknown with other Digimon around, could be dangerous. Thinking of his younger brother, as well as the other children, Yamato comments that he doesn't want to put anyone in danger. Taichi asks Agumon (previously Koromon) if there are any other humans in the Digital World, but the dino-Digimon says that he's never seen any other humans before. They realize that where ever File Island is, they probably aren't in Japan anymore.

Taichi, taking the lead, decides to start off. Yamato, of course, questions this. Taichi's plan is to head towards the ocean he'd seen before. Yamato is still skeptical of Taichi's plan, but everyone else, decides to go along with Taichi. Jyou on the other hand would rather have it that they stay in one place and wait for the adults to rescue them. As they walk, the children try to figure out more about where they could be. In response to Jyou making a comment about the strangeness of the place, Yamato merely says that the Digimon should have been a tip off of that nature.

As the group grows closer to the ocean, Gabumon is able to smell it. However they also hear a phone start to ring. In a mysterious line of phone booths on the beach. It stops before they are able to reach it though. The children decide to call home, Takeru wanting to call his mom and Yamato helping his little brother. However when they call, they all get strange answers, like a weather report where 'Tomorrow's weather will be sunny, with occasional ice cream. Everyone except Jyou gives up on the phones fairly quickly as they only get random information, no matter what numbers they try. Taichi wants to move on, while Yamato suggests they stay put in case someone calls the phone booths again. Yamato wins out in the end since everyone is tired and hungry. While asking the group if anyone has any food, Sora realizes that she still has the same device that fell from the sky. Everyone else pipes in that they have theirs as well. Koushirou's stomach sidetracks them back to food. It turns out that Takeru had brought snacks along with him. He calls Yamato 'onii-chan', but because of their different family names, the others figure they are cousins. They go through what everyone else has on them and find out that Mimi came very prepared, which may turn out to be useful as they have no idea what they may run into.

They realize that Jyou has been carrying the emergency rations for the group and that if only the humans eat it, they'll have enough for for two and a half days. While the Digimon will have to get their own food. But Taichi lets Agumon eat some of it, much to the rest of the group's annoyance. The Digimon realize that something is coming just before the phone booths are all destroyed by a jet of water coming up from the sand. A giant shell comes spinning up and reveals a Shellmon. Jyou makes an effort to escape, but is taken down by one of Shellmon's attacks. So Agumon leads the Digimon in an attack but their attacks don't seem to be working for some reason. They continue to be batted away, but Agumon is able to fight still, with Taichi cheering him on. Sora realizes that Agumon has the energy to fight because he'd eaten. Taichi decides this means him and Agumon will have to finish off the fight by themselves. He goes and attacks the Shellmon head on and gets picked up by Shellmon's tentacle hair. Then Shellmon is able to pin Agumon down and blast everyone else with his water spout attack. Taichi's concern for Agumon allows him to digivolve again, this time into Greymon. A fairer match for Shellmon, Greymon is able to dispatch the other Digimon, before changing back to Agumon.

When the fight is over, Jyou is still trying to make a call from one of the destroyed phone booths. The children also let their Digimon have some of the ration food, not wanting their Digimon to be powerless to fight again. Though without the phone booths and with the possibility of Shellmon coming back, Koushirou suggests that they leave before the Digimon reappears. Yamato agrees and Jyou again suggests they try to get back to where they first woke up. They finally decide to go looking for the people who put the phone booths on the beach and they head off again.

03. Blue Wolf! Garurumon -  Taichi wonders why only Agumon evolved, but the Digimon don't know either. The kids end up in the middle of a territory fight between two Monochromon, but quickly get out of the way. Palmon leads the kids out of the area because she doesn't want them to get stuck in the middle of the fight. As they're running away, Takeru trips and falls. But when Yamato goes to help him up and asks if he's okay, Taichi quickly says, 'You're okay, right Takeru?'. Takeru nods and gets. This leaves Yamato a little shaken that he wasn't the one helping his little brother. Yamato begins to feel jealous of Taichi's quick connection with Takeru and Takeru's returned admiration of the other boy.

By sunset, they were all exhausted and hungry, but luckily they'd ended up near a lake. They decide to camp by the lake and luckily find an island with a trolley on it. As they approach the trolley, the lights and bell turn on. But when they go to investigate, they're confused by the fact that the trolley's lights turned on but no one else was there. The trolley just adds to the list of strange things the children had already encountered, but most of them are too hungry and tired to dwell on it for long.

With a sheltered place to sleep, they begin collecting things to eat and to make a fire. Yamato and Taichi build the fire, and Yamato cooks the fish that Koushirou and Takeru caught for the group. As they're eating, Yamato asks if Takeru wants him to take the fish bones out. But before his younger brother can answer, Taichi tells him to just start at the head and dig in. Once everyone is done eating Taichi goes to Sora and asks about Yamato and Takeru having different family names. She says she doesn't know how they are related though. Patamon and some of the other Digimon begin to get sleepy, so its decided that its time for bed. Koushirou suggests they take turns taking watch and Taichi says the girls don't have to have turns. Yamato then adds that Takeru shouldn't have to have a turn either, even though Takeru protests his older brother's decision. He didn't want Takeru to exhaust himself.

Mimi complains that they don't have any bedding to sleep in. This prompts Taichi to begin to joke with Gabumon, asking to borrow his pelt for the night. Gabumon pulls away, clearly uncomfortable and Yamato shoves Taichi, yelling at the other boy to leave Gabumon alone. They nearly get into a physical fight, but its quickly squashed by the protests of the other kids. Jyou asks who wants to be the first look out to change the topic to something more productive and Taichi immediately volunteers for the first watch, with Yamato claiming the second. They all retreat to the trolley and try to get some sleep. Yamato tells Gabumon to sleep next to Takeru, because he's sweating too much with Gabumon next to him. Gabumon knows he wants his little brother to stay warm and doesn't argue with his tamer. Unable to sleep, Yamato goes for a walk along the island and runs into Taichi. He apologizes to Taichi, explaining that he's always hostile and confrontational, and maybe that's why Takeru likes Taichi more. Taichi asks him how the two of them are related, and Yamato tells him that they're brothers and that their parents divorced and so they're now living apart from each other. Still upset, Yamato runs off, back to the mainland, and pulls out his harmonica and begins to play. Gabumon soon joins him on the shore of the lake.

Back on the island, Taichi is tending to the fire when an ember pops and lands a few feet away. Next to the island a whirlpool starts, shaking the island as well as the mainland nearby like an earthquake. Out of the spinning water a huge serpent Digimon appears, Seadramon. Feeling the shaking, Yamato looks to see the island moving away, and the bridge connecting the island to the mainland gone. The island had been on top of Seadramon, and the ember from the fire had landed on an exposed part of its body. Now enraged, the Digimon was pulling the island farther into the lake. Once the Seadramon finally frees its tail from the rock of the island, it turns on the kids and their partners that are still on the island. It begins to ram the island from underneath. Worried about his little brother, Yamato jumps into the water and begins swimming towards the island, followed by a some what reluctant Gabumon.

The island finally stops moving when it collides with some power line towers that happen to be in the lake. The kids on the island are relieved that they've stopped moving, but their ordeal is far from over. Turning back on the kids, Seadramon looks ready to attack, so the Digimon decide to attack it first. However, they're attacks don't seem to do anything. Taichi tells Agumon to evolve, but the dino Digimon just tells his partner that he doesn't know how and that he's been trying to evolve. Just as Yamato reaches the island, Takeru hears him calling for him and goes too close to the edge and falls in. Jyou's Gomamon dives in and pulls Takeru up above the water though. Yamato asks Gomamon to take care of Takeru, then swims back out into the lake, calling out to Seadramon to cause a distraction and direct its attention away from the rest of the kids. Gabumon attacks Seadramon which causes the serpent to lash out at him, tossing him out of the water and back towards the island. Then Seadramon gets a hold of Yamato's feet and pulls him under. Wrapping its tail around Yamato, Seadramon began to squeeze him. Takeru and the others yell for Yamato, but he can't break free from Seadramon's grip. Tentomon tells the rest of the kids that now that Seadramon has a hold of Yamato, it won't let him go until he's squeezed the breath out of him.

Takeru asks Patamon to help his brother, but Patamon tells him that his powers won't work against Seadramon. Patamon suggests that maybe Gabumon can do something. Gabumon doesn't seem confident that he can do anything. As Yamato screams in pain though, Gabumon starts thinking about how he won't be able to listen to Yamato play the harmonica anymore and Yamato's Digivice begins to glow. Gabumon evolves into Garurumon and leaps at Seadramon's tail, which causes it to drop Yamato into the water. Then Garurumon goes after Seadramon's neck, biting down on the serpent Digimon's back. Yamato swims back towards the island while his partner continues to fight the angry Digimon. Seadramon manages to push Garurumon under the water. Once Yamato reaches the island, he's met by Takeru who asks if he's alright. Yamato pushes away his little brother's concern for him and asks where Gabumon is. But Garurumon manages to surface shortly and as Seadramon continues to attack him, he seems not to be effected by it. Tentomon explains that Garurumon's fur is extremely tough, just like Mythril. So even when Seadramon shoots an ice attack at Garurumon and seemingly freezes him in the water, Garurumon is able to just shake off the ice and counters the attack with one of his own. Seadramon sinks back into the water defeated and Garurumon de-evolved back into Gabumon. When Gabumon reaches the shore again, Yamato asks him why he didn't just say he could evolve. Takeru thanks Gabumon and Yamato for saving him. Yamato and Gabumon both say it was nothing. Though Yamato is happy to have his brother's attention on him again. Gabumon quips that Yamato's just shy, to which Yamato replies with, 'Look who's talking'.

Finally Jyou asks how they're going to get back to the mainland, now that the island isn't connected to it anymore. Right on cue Gomamon jumps into the water and uses his Marching Fishes to move the island. Safely on solid ground again, Koushirou wonders why it was only Gabumon who was able to evolve this time. Sora brings up that maybe it was because it was Yamato in trouble this time. Taichi agrees that it seems that way, Agumon evolved right before he was going to get it. So it might be that their Digimon can evolve when they're being threatened. After being up all night though, most everyone falls back asleep. Yamato had taken Takeru around to another side of the lake and begun to play his harmonica while Takeru, Patamon and Gabumon all slept around him. 

04. Red Hot! Birdramon -

05. Lightning! Kabuterimon -

06. Palmon, Raging Evolution! -

07. Roar! Ikkakumon -

08. Devimon, the Agent of Darkness! -

09. Clash! The Freezing Digimon -

10. Kentarumon the Defender! -

The Dancing Ghosts! Bakemon

Adventure! Patamon and I

Angemon's Awakening!

Set Sail for a New Continent!

Etemon! The Stage Mounting of Evil

Dark Evolution! SkullGreymon

The Illusionary Ship's Captain, Cockatrimon!

Fairy! Piccolomon

The Labyrinth of Nanomon

Evolution to Perfect! MetalGreymon

Koromon, the Great Clash in Tokyo!

The Whispering Imp, PicoDevimon

Oh Friend! WereGarurumon

Breaking Through! AtlurKabuterimon

Sleeping Tyrant! TonosamaGekomon

Shining Wings of love! Garudamon

Vamdemon's Castle of Darkness

The Chase! Hurry to Japan

Mammon, the Great Clash at Hikarigaoka!

Digimon, the Great Tokyo Crossing

Raremon! Surprise Attack on Tokyo Bay

Tokyo Tower is Hot! SkullMeramon

Pump and Gotsu are Shibuya-Type Digimon

Bonds of Destiny! Tailmon

Fairy of Odaiba! Lillymon Blossoms

Break through the Barrier! Zudomon Spark!

Perfects' United Attack! Sparkling Angewomon

Revival! Demon King VenomVamDemon

Two Great Ultimate Evolutions! Get Rid of the Darkness!

Four Rulers of the Demonic Mountain! Dark Masters

The Hardened King of the Seas! MetalSeadramon

Silent Whamon on the Bottom of the Sea

The Dangerous Game! Pinocchimon

Jureimon of the Lost Forest

The Clashing Ultimates! WarGreymon VS MetalGarurumon

MetalEtemon's Revenge

Oh Wind! Oh Light! SaberLeomon

Bombing Mission! Mugendramon

Farewell Numemon

Women's Battle! LadyDevimon

The Hellish Clown, Piemon

The Holy Swordsman, HolyAngemon

The Final Dark Digimon

A New World

Our War Game [Movie] -

As I Play the Bass [Drama CD] - 

Digigate Opens

Digimon Kaiser, King of Darkness

Hikari's Memory

The Enemy is MetalGreymon

Lightdramon, the Blue Thunder

Shurimon of the Wind

Odaiba Memorial

Tracking Down the Base of the Kaiser!

The Amalgamated Monster

The Miraculous Evolution! Gold Magnamon

Good-Bye, Ken-chan!

The Unparalleled Union! Paildramon

Assault on BlackWarGreymon

Gigantic Ultimate Form – Qinglongmon

Holy Night the Big Digimon Reunion!

All DigiDestined, In Action! Imperialdramon!

New York, Hong Kong Super Melee!

Love and Borscht, The Ferocious Battle

The Gate of Darkness

BlackWarGreymon vs. WarGreymon

The Seal of BlackWarGreymon

The Terror of BelailVamdemon

The Last Armor Evolution

Our Digital World

Digimon Hurricane Touchdown / Supreme Evolution! The Golden Digimentals [Movie] -

Revenge of Diaboromon [Movie] -

Ishida Yamato Tegami ~Letter~ [Drama CD] -

Daisuke's Great Valentine Tactics [Drama CD] - 

Post Adventures -

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Digimon Personality:

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